“I had a pretty complicated custody/divorce. I met with Jason and explained the problems I was having. He actually listened to me and provided me with several options. Less than a month later I had joint legal and joint physical custody of my son! He and his staff were very helpful, professional, and friendly. I wish I had hired him sooner!”


“Jason went above and beyond to get me custody of my little girl. He was very professional and honest and upfront! I would suggest hiring him to take on any case to anyone. He is a great lawyer!”


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“Jason Campbell and his team were very professional and knowledgable in handling my case. He kept me informed of my case status and got it settled without me having to appear in court. He and his staff made me feel comfortable in the law process during a difficult time. I would highly recommend Campbell law firm. He didn’t let my case get nasty so don’t let yours!”


“Jason handled my case professionally and courteously; he always kept me well informed of dates and motions and options. He was great overall and I knew he could get the job done!”


“In the state of Mississippi it’s hard for a father to get full custody over a mother and separate siblings, but Jason was able to get me full custody of my son and get him out of the environment he was in. That should tell you everything you need to know.”


“I highly recommend Jason and his staff! The entire experience was handled promptly and received exceptional service. Jason and this staff go beyond the means to make you feel comfortable in your time of need. They work around the clock to continue to support your case and do everything they can you to meet your needs in the quickest manner. Huge thank you to both Jason and Lacey for all your help!!!”


“There has never been a time that Mr. Campbell has failed to communicate with me. He and his staff worked hard to keep me informed on what was going on with my case. My case ended in my favor and Mr. Campbell worked hard at getting my wishes granted. I highly recommend using Campbell Law Firm.”


“Jason worked hard on my case with getting me due time with my child. A man most the time has a strike against him in court with the mother. I done everything right and was denied my time with my child. Jason worked continuously on my case and updated me threw this process. When we got to court he had all the evidence and was on top of the case. Caught my ex in lies and relentlessly went after what was just in my case. All I can say is THANK YOU for bringing my child back to my life. I can’t express in words how much my family appreciates Jason Campbell and his staff. God bless you! If needing council to represent you? This lawyer is your man and very determined to do what right. Truly a blessing I found him. He was referred to me by a close friend who Jason also represented in a similar court case. I highly recommend him and know you will be well pleased.”


“Jason Campbell helped with my justice court case, in which I was the defendant. Could not have asked for better representation. Thank you Jason for your help!”


“Jason was very efficient in keeping me informed about my case. He provided me with information to help me understand any areas that I was confused in and helped me understand the albright factors for child custody. He is very knowledgeable and was easily accessible. Jason was very straight forward about how court would go and gave me hope for successful results in my divorce and custody battle.”


“Mr. Campbell was always on top of everything and was always there when I needed him for anything. I would highly recommend him.”


“I spoke with several lawyers regarding a child custody case with my ex.. Most of them didn’t return my phone calls or just had their secretary speak to me.. When I approached Mr. Campbell he answered all my questions and was always available to talk when I needed answers.. I feel like he has gone above and beyond to help me with my case. Most lawyers have only taken my money and never listened to what I wanted to do involving this case.. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!”


“This guy had my felony case closed within a week with no jail time. He kept me updated on what was going on and was always available to answer any questions I had. If you need a great defense lawyer, this guy is your man!”


“Very professional and caring towards his clients. He represented me in my home closing and other transactions. Efficient, always available and my favorite sibling.”


“I came to Jason with a case that could have caused me all I ve worked my whole life. Jason and I talked over the phone an then he came an met with me in person . His knowledge and sharpness to hit every angle of pursuing a win in this case is why I chose mr Campbell to represent my case . He spent alot of time searching an kept me on the up and up the whole time. When we met for court I was confident going in before the judge .Mr Campbell and my self won the case an yes yes yes I will absolutely use Jason again. If you need Legal advise an he doesn’t know it he will search until he has you an answer that is 100%”

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