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family-law-attorney-greenville-mississippi-campbell-law-firmThe need for a family attorney during a divorce is crucial to ensure property division is equitable, the needs of children are cared for and that proper support and visitations are worked out. An attorney must be compassionate and understand that emotions run high during a divorce; they must always look out for the best interests and rights of their client. At Campbell Law Firm, family law issues are taken very seriously. My primary goal will to always hard to ensure there is an understanding of your needs and help protect your rights through the divorce process.

Divorce Issues

I can help determine what division of assets and debts makes the most sense for your individual needs. I understand that oftentimes a 50/50 division does not make sense based on length of marriage, what assets you may have had coming into the marriage and the reasons for your divorce.

Children’s Issues

Even when parents are in the midst of a divorce they have certain rights pertaining to their children. There are also responsibilities that go along with these rights including making sure the children have contact with both parents and they are as financially stable as they were prior to a divorce. Child custody is often a contentious issue but the best interest of the child or children must always be considered. In addition to custody, visitation schedules must be worked out in a manner that is fair to both parents and in the best interest of the child. Child support is often established through the Mississippi Department of Human Services when a child is receiving benefits from the State. In these cases custody and visitation are not established. A parent should seek private counsel to determine custodial and visitation rights as well as other important legal issues dealing with the minor child.

After Divorce Issues

Another common problem that can occur after divorce is adjustments or enforcement of support orders. This is an issue that can often be resolved without going to court but when necessary, Campbell Law Firm is prepared to take these matters before the Chancery Court.

Not all family issues are negative, Campbell Law Firm can also represent parents who are working towards adopting a child and help with the legal issues surrounding adoption.

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