Should I hire an attorney for a fender bender?

What should you do if you are involved in a fender bender?  Make sure you are OK. GO TO THE DOCTOR!

I have a client, whose name will remain anonymous, but she refused treatment after her fender bender car wreck.  After discussing the matter with me in depth, she decided to go into her usual doctor for a quick check-up / exam.  During the process the doctor discovered an illness that may not have otherwise been diagnosed for quite some time.  It may have saved her life.

The point is- when you are involved in an accident, usually your adrenaline is pumping and “you feel fine”, but a few days later you often feel a little soreness after even the slightest of fender benders. There is nothing wrong with having a doctor examine you after the wreck.  All of this pain and suffering as well as medical treatment can be paid for by the at fault party or even your own insurance company in some cases.  Once the statute of limitations expires, or you sign a waiver on your case, there is no going back.  You cannot re-open the case when the doctor discovers your neck problems a few years later.  You send your car to the shop to be repaired and assessed – Send yourself to the doctor!

You should consult an attorney for advice after your involvement in an accident.  You may have a claim under the law that you were not aware of without legal advice.