Introduction to Campbell’s Blog

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog and my website.  I am a Mississippi attorney practicing in the areas of personal injury claims (especially car wrecks), worker’s comp, criminal defense and domestic relations (divorce, custody, adoption, child support, etc.).  The purpose of this blog is to answer questions that my clients often ask me in their initial meetings and/or during the course of their representation.  This blog is entirely based on my opinion and my perspective and my interpretations of the law.  This blog is in no way intended to create an attorney client relationship or provide legal advice.  The only true way to receive legal advice is for you to retain an attorney.

Many people ask the question – “why should I hire and attorney?”.  Well, if your pipes burst in your home do you call a plumber or do it yourself?  There are many pitfalls that a pro se litigant can fall victim to in undertaking their own case.  I myself, as an attorney, have hired other attorneys to assist me with legal endeavors of my own.  As the old adage goes “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” – Abraham Lincoln